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Learn Reading Quran - Fee Packages

After having a close comparative study of online teaching offers, we claim to offer best Islamic educational syllabus in lesser fee packages.

Plans Duration Classes Fees
Weekly 1 30 minutes Monthly 4 25 USD
Weekly 1 Plus 45 minutes Monthly 4 35 USD
Weekly 2 30 minutes Monthly 8 50 USD
Weekly 2 Plus 45 minutes Monthly 8 60 USD
Weekly 3 30 minutes Monthly 12 75 USD
Weekly 3 Plus 45 minutes Monthly 12 85 USD
Weekly 4 30 minutes Monthly 16 100 USD
Weekly 4 Plus 45 minutes Monthly 16 110 USD
Weekly 5 30 minutes Monthly 20 125 USD
Weekly 5 Plus 45 minutes Monthly 20 135 USD

Above all the plans are designed to provide you our tutoring services in your preferable timings with suitable days. We also customize classes plans according to your individual needs and requirements. You'll pay the monthly fee with any below given method that suits you best.

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Online Quran School

Online Islamic School - FAQs

Do you accept PAYPAL ?
Yes we accept the fee payment with PAYPAL.
Do I have to give card information for Trial class ?
You are not required to give us your card information or any registration amount for the trial class.
Is there any extra charges when I make the fee payment ?
You will be requested only exact monthly fee and no or hidden extra amount will be charged.
Will you charge my card automatically every month ?
These are manual payments which you will make by yourself every month.
Is there any discount for more than one family members ?
Our fee cost is already very reasonable as comparing to our competitors. But, whenever from a family three or more students start taking classes we automatically provide a discount of 15 % on the total amount of every month's fee.
How do I pay ?
You can make the payment ONLINE with your credit / debit card or PAYPAL.
Is there any OFFLINE payment method ?
You can also use the facility of Bank transfer, Western Union or Money Gram.
Do you offer fee refund ?
No, once the fee has paid is not refundable.
Do you offer makeup class if I miss it ?
We arrange a makeup class in your suitable time whenever it miss from our side or you'll get credits / dicount of it in the monthly fees. But, if the class missed from your side then we don't provide makeup(s) nor credits / fee discount will be given.
How it works whenever I travel or going somewhere ?
As its a device convenience learning and you'll be able to take sessions anytime from anywhere via any internet device whenever required.
Whats your policy if I need a break for some days ?
Whenever you'll need a break we'll request you to pay the hold-fee (half amount of your regular monthly fees). By receiving hold fee we'll bound to keep your time free in our schedules. And this time we don't provide to new coming student(s).
Can't I get same old time without paying hold fee ?
You'll get same timings and days if it still left free in our schedule(s), otherwise any timings and days provided which suits you best.
Do you provide course completion certificate ?
After completion of a full course you'll apply for it's certificate (if needed) and will receive it (freely) on your given e-mail address within 15 days.
What our education concerned ?
Islam is a religion of peace in the fullest sense of the word. The Qur’an calls its way ‘the paths of peace’ (5:16). It states that God abhors any disturbance of peace (2:205). In fact the root word of Islam is ‘silm’ which itself means peace. So the spirit of Islaam is the spirit of peace. The first verse of the Qur’an breathes the spirit of peace. It reads : In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. This verse is repeated in the Qur’an no less than 113 times. It shows the great importance of Islaam attaches to such values as Mercy and Compassion. One of God’s names, according to the Qur’an, is As-Salam, which means peace. Moreover the Qur’an states that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is sent to the world as a mercy to mankind. (21:107). The ideal society, according to the Qur’an is Dar as-Salam, that is, the house of peace. (10:25).
Thus Islam is a religion of peace in the complete sense of the word. Every teaching of Islaam is based on the principles of peace and avoidance. Any deviation from the model is a deviation from Islam and is due to misconceptions.
Law and authorities must be obeyed
In Glorious Quran used the words "those in charge among you" in order to claim that the figures have an authority over people and that they should be obeyed without question.
The following are some examples of deserved authority that is in harmony with the Quranic teachings:
▷ For a young boy / girl they should obey their parents who have authority over them during their younger dependent years.
▷ For a wife, she must obey her husband's righteous instructions as God decreed in the Quran (4:34).
▷ For an employee, he / she must obey their boss who has authority over them within the framework of the profession.
▷ For citizens, they must obey the established authorities (e.g. the law of the land as long as it does not violate God's law).